Everybody’s Fine: Just fine

by John Elmo Canonio

Everybody’s fine” is surely a family oriented film and everyone can surely relate to the story no matter what status you are currently having with your family. This movie tells about the importance of honesty and the essence of time that every parent should invest with their children.

The casting is halfway great because based on what I saw the casts weren’t that convincing for their roles, they will portray what they have to portray for their role but they leave no impact on their assigned roles. The movie tackles a serious matter and in order to pull it off or to greatly express the message or intentions of the movie, the actors should be convincing for their acting roles. Although this is the matter, it didn’t cost a movie alot, not even a bit.


I like how realistic is the setting of the movie, the movie shows the pretty and the awful side of the modern china. I like how the setting took part in portraying each characters personality and situation. One example is how they portrayed how succesful Qing is as a director, and also Guang’s home, I like how they portray the simplicity of life that an old man like Guan can have. It really played a big part in the movie and it the development of the movie.

The plot is the most important thing that moviegoers loves to see. In this movie, honestly, I found the plot of the story to be simple, I know that playing with the plot is a dangerous proposition because it can mess the whole story up, but when the movie goes plain like this one, it will not guarantee that the viewers will hold on til the end, especially when you passed the 1:15 hour mark of the movie. The plot or the outcome of Hao, almost everyone is interested on what could’ve happened to Hao his whereabouts and how his brother and sister’s try to hid this news to their father gets everyone interested. The plot of Hao suddenly became uninteresting when they finally revealed what happened to him without even elaborating what exactly happened to him, and the interesting plot ended up unexcitingly when Guan’s children revealed it to him on a hospital scene.


In general, the movie turns out to be fine, its good in overall and if I’m gonna rate it, I will rate it 6/10. The director maybe can do better on their next project and writers can work better with the plot, that’s what I’m looking forward to. This is how I find the movie, but at the end of the day, this is an art made by the director, maybe he plans to make it plain and simple due to the expected audience and maybe because the movie is something that needs to be taken seriously he may have seen that playing with the plot is not an appropriate thing to do. All in all, this is a good movie and this is the kind of movie that every family needs to watch.