Spring Film Festival 2017: Chinese Painting Exhibit

One attraction in the last Spring Film Festival 2017 at Shangri La Plaza was the Chinese Painting Exhibit. It was launched on the first day of Spring Film Festival, January 25 at the Grand Atrium on level 2 of the main wing of Shangri La Plaza. That was the first time I saw that kind or style of art painting and I would say that is was amazing. I think it was amazing because the paintings were made by the students of Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila. It’s shocking for these students have Chinese skills and talent that they have expressed in the exhibit.

Snow Village by Neinei Hui Chun

Most of the paintings were rooster inspired obviously because it was year of the Fire Rooster this year. One thing I noticed about the exhibit was the titles of the paintings. Some of it was kinda off. It was like the titles were not carefully thought of and the painters just used the first word that comes out in their mind. This is because I remember one of the paintings with the title “Fight?” by Rosie Chan Fuentes and Rooster by Grace Dadufalza. For me, titles are also important because it makes the artwork remarkable.

What I like the most was the artwork of Necita R. Cheng entitled “Mountain Retreat” because it has a different theme from the other paintings. It was a painting of a single house on the top of the mountain and shows beautiful scenery of China. What I like about the painting

Mountain Retreat by Necita Cheng

was the combination of the colors because it compliments each other and somehow shows depression, sorrow and loneliness. I also love the “Snow Village” painting by Neinei Hui Chun. As the title suggest, it was a painting of a village covered in pure white snow. Like the “Mountain Retreat” painting, it conveyed the feeling of sadness and emptiness.

Aside from the titles, there are mobile numbers placed below the title. This may indicate that the paintings are for sale, or maybe the numbers are included if you wanted the artist to work for you.

As an aspiring artist, it was such a great opportunity to see this kind of event, to see artworks that are simple yet elegant, unique but detailed. This inspires me to work harder, and do better. Not just me but all of the aspiring artists and ordinary people with a blood of an artist sleeping within them.

By: Ugaban


Spring Film Festival 2017: Pastel Painting Workshop

Last January 25-29 of year 2017, Spring Film Festival 2017 was held at Shangri La Plaza to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Different activities were conducted during the period and one of the activities was the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

The workshop started exactly at 1 in the afternoon on the 29th of January and was held at the Grand Atrium of the mall. The workshop accommodated 50 mall guests/participants with a first come first serve basis. There is no pre-registration and the registration was done exactly on the same day, an hour before the official start of the workshop. The workshop was free to all ages but parents of children below 8 years old were advised to accompany their kids. There is no registration fee, meaning the workshop was absolutely free from charges and the materials used by the participants were also free.

Pastel Painting workshop was led by Master Fidel Sarmiento, the President of the Art Association of the Philippines. He discussed the basic and essentials of pastel painting and shared his knowledge to each and everyone workshop and inspired aspiring artists.

By: Ugaban


11th Spring Film Festival’s Chinese Art Exhibit

Chinese art is a kind of art that has to be elegant, fine, and beautiful, especially in painting. Chinese painting focuses on the lives of the people, the traditions, beliefs, and beauty of nature like any other forms of art in different parts of the world.

Image result
Zhang Daqian, a Chinese artist

I’ve seen it in the art exhibit in Shangri La for the 11th Spring Film Festival that happened from January 25-30.


Different artist showed their artworks and expressions in the canvas. Most of the paintings were about the roosters, this year’s Chinese zodiac. There are also paintings of flowers, woman, nature, landscapes and a peacock that shows the beauty of art in each strokes of brushes.

Every painting was beautiful but there’s one that caught my attention first, the painting of a woman exposing her back, entitled “The Greatest Gift” by Albert Hamabad K. Libre III. It shows the purity and essence of a traditional woman maintaining the natural elegance of her body.

The Greatest Gift by Albert Hamabad K. Libre III

The painting is very simple but also stunning. The black coloration of the painting brings the mysterious and seductive element of the image. Most of Libre’s artworks were chickens and rooster with calligraphy like style. Another good one is the “Mountain Retreat” by Necita R. Cheng, it shows the dramatic scenes of the China’s mountain ranges. The darkness of the artwork shows the melancholic but yet blissful life in the provinces.

Mountain Retreat by Necita Cheng

Her other artwork shown is the “Roses in Bloom”. Another artist is Joaquina T. So, I loved the coloration of her painting entitled “Hydrangea”, she managed to blend the colors red, blue and green. Another stunning artwork is the “Snow Village” By Neinei Hui Chun. It depicts the winter’s depressive and silent atmosphere. The first thing I felt when seeing Chun’s work is the feeling of oblivion inside me. Although I never experienced a winter I can

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Snow Village by Neinei Hui Chun

feel the forlorn emotion of it. There are also “fan” arts by Cesar Cheng, the one I liked in his works is the “Reaching of the Red Moon”.


All of them were good but most of the painting got the right simplicity and beauty. I’m hoping next year that the exhibit will showcase more talents like this.

by Elton Ongjoco


Chinese Art Exhibit dominated the Spring Fest for 4 Days

The stage was filled with extracts of Chinese skills and talent as the Confucius Institute of Ateneo de Manila University presented their Chinese Painting Exhibit which stayed in the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza from January 25 to January 29.

The artistic exhibit was part of the 11th Spring Film Festival celebrated by the Filipino-Chinese community. The paintings were mainly focused in roosters since it is the year of the rooster in Chinese calendar while other paintings depict the essence of life in Chinese strokes. The colorful paintings displayed came from different artists and painted in different media, some in small canvas and some in fans or medium-sized woods.




The images in the exhibit possess different emotions that can be sent to the viewers like the “Regression” by Lucipinio Ng. It shows a rooster slightly taking a step while looking at its rear; it holds a weak feeling inside despite the normal view of the rooster. Another is “Patience”

by Margaret Sy. It is a picture of a person sitting in his banca with a lamp and a basket while herons perch beside him. The picture gives an atmosphere of tiredness and the feeling of being alone at the same time while waiting for something that may happen or not.

Other than the exhibit, several activities were held during the Spring Film Festival such as the Chinese Musical Concert, the Chinese Painting Exhibit, Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop and the Film Festival itself.

By: Dantes

Spring Film Festival: A festival of the undying beauty of the Chinese culture

by John Elmo Canonio

The grand atrium of Shangri-La mall was filled with color and beauty when they exhibit the paintings made by the students of Confucious Institute of Ateneo de Manila University. These paintings lasts for 4 days giving way for the shoppers to see these stunning paintings made by the talented students of the said school. This is all part of the annual Spring Film Festival which is celebrated by the Filipino-Chinese community.

The theme of the paintings is the rooster which symbolizes this year on their Chinese calendar. Those artistic crafts came in different sizes and styles but shared the same motive which is to celebrate the New Year and prosperity. Shoppers of any age enjoyed the beauty displayed by the paintings as artists made creative visualizations about the luck and prosperity that this year of the rooster may bring.


Altough most of the paintings are about the roosters, some artists painted flowers and birds as they also represent the beauty of their culture and how they see the celebration of their New year. Many shoppers stopped by to stare at the beauty of the paintings, some even pulled of their phones and cameras to take a picture of the paintings. Its amazing that those beautiful and stunning artworks were only made by students, I won’t be surprised if one day I’ll see their future paintings in exhibits around the world.



Aside from the painting exhibit, the mall also conducted a Musical concert that also didn’t failed to amaze the shoppers of the Shangri-La mall. Students from various schools and institutions shared their talents and gave the Filipino-Chinese community a taste of the undying culture of the Chinese art.

Students from the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club performed cultural Chinese songs and the beauty and power of their voice resonates the grand atrium of the mall. Many shoppers stopped by to listen to the music, I honestly don’t know the meaning of the song because of the language but I hope I feel the same emotion that they want the people to feel. Many performers contributed to the musical concert and the mall was filled with harmonious songs that really soothes the mind.

Upon witnessing the festival, I was so amazed of the Chinese culture and will look forward to see more of these for the years to come.

11th Spring Fest Music Fest

The Chinese have the earliest history of music tradition. This is evident from the discovery of their ancient instruments and musical pieces. From the Zhang Dynasty until today, the Chinese continue to express themselves through music.

The Chinese culture was continued by artists showing off their musical abilities in the Chinese Musical Concert at the Shangri-La Plaza last Monday. The musical started off with a performance from the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club, a group that was composed of women of different ages. This was followed by a solo number by Jhonvid Bangayan who sang three songs in Chinese then bewildered everyone when he sang “Ikaw”, which was popularized by Sharon Cuneta.

Afterwards, everyone’s attention got caught by a stunning performance by Albert Cedric Tan a blind pianist who played “Rondo alla turka” also known as Turkish march, a piece written by the Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The event was ended by the Sireins, a trio of women who sang modern Chinese songs, their voices filled the atrium with their harmonious and vibrant tones.

By: Danganan

Everybody’s Fine: Gives You the Slice of Life but not the Whole

The movie “Everybody’s Fine” is a comedy-family-oriented film released in January of 2016 and is also the second remake of the Italian film with the same name which was initially released in 1990. The film revolves around the journey of the recently-widowed Guan Zhiguo portrayed by Zhang Guoli who decided to visit his kids after their cancellation to their annual summer visit. After visiting his four children, he, then finds out that the life he expects them to have turns out differently.

The film turns out great however, I haven’t watched the first two movies stopping me from comparing which actor portrayed the father best. In the movie, his sons and daughters didn’t reveal to their dad what really happened to them and always tell him not to worry yet, it wasn’t revealed in the movie why they’re avoiding him to worry. If it was the heart disease their worried of, it wasn’t clear for the audience that his kids already know about his condition. Questions pop in my mind about their mother’s personality given that Guan Zhiguo, the father is always away from home and he doesn’t actually know how his wife is treating their kids and why his sons and daughters always avoid conversations leading to dialogs about their mom.

But the film teaches a handful of slice of life especially of being a father who missed his kids growing up. It makes me think what if that story happen to me, will they hide the truth from me too?

By: Dantes

Image source: Loud Green Bird