Chinoy talents highlight Chinese New Year event in Shangri-La

Chinoy talents highlight Chinese New Year event in Shangri-La

Sevilla, Micah S.

February 7, 2017


A showcase of young Chinoy talents highlighted Shangri-La plaza’s annual Chinese New Year celebration last January 28, where a grand Chinese musical concert took center-stage at the mall’s Grand Atrium.

The 45-minute show featured performances from Chinese schools and semi-pro groups, including the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club, Hope Christian Faith Chorale, and the Sireins, as well as solo performances from St. Stephen’s  Jhonvid Bangayan, folk singers Angel Ko, Ellen Pao, Jiao Dao and Wo He Ni, and blind pianist Albert Cedric Tan from the Philippine National School for the Blind.

“Most of the songs performed are themed on happiness, prosperity, love and family solidarity,” says veteran pianist Lety Sarte, musical director to Hope Christian Faith Chorale.

In total, there were two chorale groups, five solo performances, a soprano trio and a blind pianist gracing the concert, all hand-picked by the concert’s musical director, Sherwin Sozon.

Sozon, who’s a music connoisseur of the Lyric Opera Philippines for over two decades now, believes that culture and art is what unites and defines a people, and that “music is an integral part of any culture, including China.”

“The purpose of this event is to promote Chinese culture and foster harmonious relationships between the Filipinos and the Chinese,” says the event’s director, Mr. Sidney Christopher Bata.

Bata, who’s a faculty member of Ateneo De Manila University’s Ricardo Leong Chinese Cultural Studies, asserts that “music is universal” and “is not bordered by language,” which he believes is key to uniting the two races in what he cites as “a difficult time of political tension among the Filipinos and the Chinese.”

“The concert deemed a success,” beams Bata, who spearheaded the event which took a month of preparation.

Nearly a hundred people attended the event, as Shangri-La Plaza kayaked with media partners to elevate marketing strategies, such as CNN Philippines, PTV4 and Manila Bulletin, something they have not done in the previous years.



The Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop 2017

By Elton Ongjoco

The Filipino-Chinese community gathered to celebrate the year of the Rooster in the 11th Spring Film Festival. Held at Shangri La Plaza, many Chinese cultural activities were done from January 28 and 29. There were 3 events, and one of those were the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

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Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop Registration

The workshop is conducted by the Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies. Master Fidel Sarmiento showcased his skillful pastel techniques to the 50 lucky attendants who got free tutorials in pastel drawing. Most of the artworks Sarmiento shown were about nature, Chinese tradition and a rooster. The pastels and all the art materials were sponsored by the Shangri La mall.

The Spring Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the beauty and artistic side of Chinese films. Six films were shown in the event for free. Other events and activities were the Chinese lantern painting workshop, Chinese painting exhibit and Chinese Music Concert.

Spring Film Festival 2017: Pastel Painting Workshop

Last January 25-29 of year 2017, Spring Film Festival 2017 was held at Shangri La Plaza to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Different activities were conducted during the period and one of the activities was the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

The workshop started exactly at 1 in the afternoon on the 29th of January and was held at the Grand Atrium of the mall. The workshop accommodated 50 mall guests/participants with a first come first serve basis. There is no pre-registration and the registration was done exactly on the same day, an hour before the official start of the workshop. The workshop was free to all ages but parents of children below 8 years old were advised to accompany their kids. There is no registration fee, meaning the workshop was absolutely free from charges and the materials used by the participants were also free.

Pastel Painting workshop was led by Master Fidel Sarmiento, the President of the Art Association of the Philippines. He discussed the basic and essentials of pastel painting and shared his knowledge to each and everyone workshop and inspired aspiring artists.

By: Ugaban


11th Spring Fest Painting Exhibit

Aesthetic fills the air as Confucius Institute of Ateneo de Manila University present their works of art in the Chinese Painting at the Shangri-La Plaza.

This weeklong event in Shangri-La welcomes the Year of the Rooster by showing the Chinese culture in all its glory on its 11’Th Spring Festival. Artists showed their Chinese inspired paintings, most of the paintings include roosters as tribute to the year and others include nature and sights one might view in China. One painting entitled “Fight?” by Rosie Chan Fuentes which depicts two roosters eyeing each other, shows the minimalistic yet artistic traditional Chinese style of painting.

There are also a number of paintings of flowers and birds that are not roosters; this particular style of painting is called Bird-and-Flower Paintings. This painting style is an appreciation for the beauty of the birds and flowers, the paintings also carried a symbolic message as well.

Apart from the art exhibit, the Spring Festival also offered a taste of Chinese culture in Music, Film and in celebrating the New Year spirit.

By: Danganan

Free Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop, held at the 11th Spring Film Festival


A Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop was held last January 28 during the celebration of the 11th Spring Film Festival at Shangri-La Plaza. The event was celebrated by the Filipino-Chinese community and was a part of a 2-part event with the Live Mural Painting in the same day other than the Film Festival itself.

The event took place at the East Atrium at Mid-Level 2/3 of the East Wing and was facilitated by the Saturday Group of Artists. Painted lanterns made during the workshop were displayed at Streetscape. The workshop was open to all and the first 50 registrants were accommodated in a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration was free of charge while the art materials used were provided by Shangri-La Plaza.

There are other events included in the Spring Film Festival such as the Chinese Musical Concert, the Chinese Painting Exhibit and the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

By: Dantes

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Shangri-La mall celebrated the Chinese New Year with its 11th Spring Film Festival


by John Elmo Canonio

MANILA- Shangri-La mall in cooperation with the Filipino-Chinese community, launched the annual Spring Film Festival where Chinese student performers and artists gave the shoppers a taste of their Chinese culture, the festival lasted for four days in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The mall conducted various activities having students of different Chinese schools and institutions in the country showed their skills and talents in the festival such as the painting exhibits and musical concert as a part of the bigger event, the film festival itself where there are going to be 6 different movie entries that they offer to screen for free.


They held this festival as they welcome the year of the rooster. Artists from Confucious Institute of Ateneo de Manila University featured their paintings about the year of the rooster. Performers of various schools and institutions such as the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club  also gave shoppers a taste of China’s music culture as they performed at the Musical Concert held by the said festival.

The festival also offered a 1-hour free workshops on pastel painting and Chinese lantern painting for the interested individuals. They taught the willing individuals on how to make a pastel painting and a Chinese lantern paintings and exhibited it afterwards.

The Spring Film Festival has been going for 11 years now, its already an annual celebration of the said mall, as well as the Film festival.