Spring Film Festival: A festival of the undying beauty of the Chinese culture

by John Elmo Canonio

The grand atrium of Shangri-La mall was filled with color and beauty when they exhibit the paintings made by the students of Confucious Institute of Ateneo de Manila University. These paintings lasts for 4 days giving way for the shoppers to see these stunning paintings made by the talented students of the said school. This is all part of the annual Spring Film Festival which is celebrated by the Filipino-Chinese community.

The theme of the paintings is the rooster which symbolizes this year on their Chinese calendar. Those artistic crafts came in different sizes and styles but shared the same motive which is to celebrate the New Year and prosperity. Shoppers of any age enjoyed the beauty displayed by the paintings as artists made creative visualizations about the luck and prosperity that this year of the rooster may bring.


Altough most of the paintings are about the roosters, some artists painted flowers and birds as they also represent the beauty of their culture and how they see the celebration of their New year. Many shoppers stopped by to stare at the beauty of the paintings, some even pulled of their phones and cameras to take a picture of the paintings. Its amazing that those beautiful and stunning artworks were only made by students, I won’t be surprised if one day I’ll see their future paintings in exhibits around the world.



Aside from the painting exhibit, the mall also conducted a Musical concert that also didn’t failed to amaze the shoppers of the Shangri-La mall. Students from various schools and institutions shared their talents and gave the Filipino-Chinese community a taste of the undying culture of the Chinese art.

Students from the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club performed cultural Chinese songs and the beauty and power of their voice resonates the grand atrium of the mall. Many shoppers stopped by to listen to the music, I honestly don’t know the meaning of the song because of the language but I hope I feel the same emotion that they want the people to feel. Many performers contributed to the musical concert and the mall was filled with harmonious songs that really soothes the mind.

Upon witnessing the festival, I was so amazed of the Chinese culture and will look forward to see more of these for the years to come.


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