Spring Film Festival 2017: Pastel Painting Workshop

Last January 25-29 of year 2017, Spring Film Festival 2017 was held at Shangri La Plaza to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Different activities were conducted during the period and one of the activities was the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

The workshop started exactly at 1 in the afternoon on the 29th of January and was held at the Grand Atrium of the mall. The workshop accommodated 50 mall guests/participants with a first come first serve basis. There is no pre-registration and the registration was done exactly on the same day, an hour before the official start of the workshop. The workshop was free to all ages but parents of children below 8 years old were advised to accompany their kids. There is no registration fee, meaning the workshop was absolutely free from charges and the materials used by the participants were also free.

Pastel Painting workshop was led by Master Fidel Sarmiento, the President of the Art Association of the Philippines. He discussed the basic and essentials of pastel painting and shared his knowledge to each and everyone workshop and inspired aspiring artists.

By: Ugaban



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