Spring Film Festival 2017: Chinese Painting Exhibit

One attraction in the last Spring Film Festival 2017 at Shangri La Plaza was the Chinese Painting Exhibit. It was launched on the first day of Spring Film Festival, January 25 at the Grand Atrium on level 2 of the main wing of Shangri La Plaza. That was the first time I saw that kind or style of art painting and I would say that is was amazing. I think it was amazing because the paintings were made by the students of Confucius Institute at Ateneo de Manila. It’s shocking for these students have Chinese skills and talent that they have expressed in the exhibit.

Snow Village by Neinei Hui Chun

Most of the paintings were rooster inspired obviously because it was year of the Fire Rooster this year. One thing I noticed about the exhibit was the titles of the paintings. Some of it was kinda off. It was like the titles were not carefully thought of and the painters just used the first word that comes out in their mind. This is because I remember one of the paintings with the title “Fight?” by Rosie Chan Fuentes and Rooster by Grace Dadufalza. For me, titles are also important because it makes the artwork remarkable.

What I like the most was the artwork of Necita R. Cheng entitled “Mountain Retreat” because it has a different theme from the other paintings. It was a painting of a single house on the top of the mountain and shows beautiful scenery of China. What I like about the painting

Mountain Retreat by Necita Cheng

was the combination of the colors because it compliments each other and somehow shows depression, sorrow and loneliness. I also love the “Snow Village” painting by Neinei Hui Chun. As the title suggest, it was a painting of a village covered in pure white snow. Like the “Mountain Retreat” painting, it conveyed the feeling of sadness and emptiness.

Aside from the titles, there are mobile numbers placed below the title. This may indicate that the paintings are for sale, or maybe the numbers are included if you wanted the artist to work for you.

As an aspiring artist, it was such a great opportunity to see this kind of event, to see artworks that are simple yet elegant, unique but detailed. This inspires me to work harder, and do better. Not just me but all of the aspiring artists and ordinary people with a blood of an artist sleeping within them.

By: Ugaban


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