Shangri-La mall celebrated the Chinese New Year with its 11th Spring Film Festival


by John Elmo Canonio

MANILA- Shangri-La mall in cooperation with the Filipino-Chinese community, launched the annual Spring Film Festival where Chinese student performers and artists gave the shoppers a taste of their Chinese culture, the festival lasted for four days in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The mall conducted various activities having students of different Chinese schools and institutions in the country showed their skills and talents in the festival such as the painting exhibits and musical concert as a part of the bigger event, the film festival itself where there are going to be 6 different movie entries that they offer to screen for free.


They held this festival as they welcome the year of the rooster. Artists from Confucious Institute of Ateneo de Manila University featured their paintings about the year of the rooster. Performers of various schools and institutions such as the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club  also gave shoppers a taste of China’s music culture as they performed at the Musical Concert held by the said festival.

The festival also offered a 1-hour free workshops on pastel painting and Chinese lantern painting for the interested individuals. They taught the willing individuals on how to make a pastel painting and a Chinese lantern paintings and exhibited it afterwards.

The Spring Film Festival has been going for 11 years now, its already an annual celebration of the said mall, as well as the Film festival.


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