Free Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop, held at the 11th Spring Film Festival


A Chinese Lantern Painting Workshop was held last January 28 during the celebration of the 11th Spring Film Festival at Shangri-La Plaza. The event was celebrated by the Filipino-Chinese community and was a part of a 2-part event with the Live Mural Painting in the same day other than the Film Festival itself.

The event took place at the East Atrium at Mid-Level 2/3 of the East Wing and was facilitated by the Saturday Group of Artists. Painted lanterns made during the workshop were displayed at Streetscape. The workshop was open to all and the first 50 registrants were accommodated in a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration was free of charge while the art materials used were provided by Shangri-La Plaza.

There are other events included in the Spring Film Festival such as the Chinese Musical Concert, the Chinese Painting Exhibit and the Chinese Pastel Painting Workshop.

By: Dantes

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