Everybody’s Fine: No Spoiler Review

A father isolated from his children will go through any lengths just to be with them again, for there is nothing more daunting than having no knowledge on what is happening to loved ones.

Everybody’s not fine, when we expect them to live perfect lives. The film perfectly captures how parents grieve when their dreams for their children are not met, especially when all of them are not living up to their expectations. The raw expression of emotion on part of the actors makes the film very emotional, and although a drama, it manages to add a dash of comedy between each scene to uplift the sorrowful moments.

The movie relied heavily on the father’s memories of his children to give a background on them which was done well, the same as how parents tell their kin about special memories they shared together. Another plot element that added quality to the film was being able to see the world through the father’s eyes, the shifts between the real world and the father’s head, although without transition, was easy to discern and made the film more interesting.

The shots were done great; it closes up to the characters on tense moments to show their emotion and gives a clear view of the land whenever the characters are traveling. The music was also done great, it did not feel out of place and each location would have a different feel because the music changes along with it.

But no film is perfect; it had some minor flaws that are worth mentioning. One event that was quite bothering was the inclusion of an awkward romance moment between the father and a side character, the scene never went anywhere, it was just there for a moment but it was never followed by anything else. Another weak moment was the prostitute scene; it had no bearing on the plot and was not needed in the film.

Despite these flaws, however, the film was satisfying to watch. It portrayed family struggles in a true to life manner, all while having fun moments that hit close to home. And if there’s one lesson to learn from the film, it is to always value family, whoever you are and wherever you may be.

By: Danganan



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