Everybody’s Fine: Gives You the Slice of Life but not the Whole

The movie “Everybody’s Fine” is a comedy-family-oriented film released in January of 2016 and is also the second remake of the Italian film with the same name which was initially released in 1990. The film revolves around the journey of the recently-widowed Guan Zhiguo portrayed by Zhang Guoli who decided to visit his kids after their cancellation to their annual summer visit. After visiting his four children, he, then finds out that the life he expects them to have turns out differently.

The film turns out great however, I haven’t watched the first two movies stopping me from comparing which actor portrayed the father best. In the movie, his sons and daughters didn’t reveal to their dad what really happened to them and always tell him not to worry yet, it wasn’t revealed in the movie why they’re avoiding him to worry. If it was the heart disease their worried of, it wasn’t clear for the audience that his kids already know about his condition. Questions pop in my mind about their mother’s personality given that Guan Zhiguo, the father is always away from home and he doesn’t actually know how his wife is treating their kids and why his sons and daughters always avoid conversations leading to dialogs about their mom.

But the film teaches a handful of slice of life especially of being a father who missed his kids growing up. It makes me think what if that story happen to me, will they hide the truth from me too?

By: Dantes

Image source: Loud Green Bird


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