Everybody’s Fine: A Common Family Story

After seeing the film “Everything’s fine” and after a critical analysis of the elements of the movie, here are some of the good and bad points I noticed about the film.

First is the plot. The plot is a little common and already been shown in other films. That is why it was easy to predict what is going to happen in the film. Like for example, it was kinda predictable that the eldest daughter of Zhiguo, Qing, was already been

Image result for everybody's fine chinese film scene
Everybody’s Fine Official Poster

divorced with her husband even before revealing it afterwards. Also, it was predictable that the youngest daughter Chu is a lesbian and has an affair with another girl. Aside from that, the plot is okay.


Next is the cinematography. Actually it was awesome. Shots were taken on the exact place it should have. Best shot for me was the bird’s eye view of Chu and his father Zhiguo was in the car going off to the bridge. It was good because it shows the beauty of the whole place.

About the screenplay, I think it was good especially the punch lines. I remember that everyone on the cinema was laughing so hard when the punch lines were delivered right. One thing I don’t like about the script was the confrontation scenes. The father always leaves with nothing to say whenever there is a confrontation between him and anyone from his children. This makes me think that the scriptwriters run out good idea for this matter.

Two of important elements of a good film were props and effects, both can be observed in the movie. I like the effect where the father Zhiguo would see his child and flashback the way they look when they were younger.

Music also plays an important part in the movie. The music suits every scene from the film giving a proper and appropriate mood for the scene. Like when Chu and her Father were chased by some bad characters. The music was fast and upbeat which was suit best the chasing scene. The music helps in setting the mood for the scene.

Image result for everybody's fine chinese film scene
Youngest Daughter Chu (Ye Quanyu)


As for the actors, I’m not quite impressed and satisfied with their acting, ‘cause I know they can do better. Some of them are good but some of them lack emotion.

Image result for everybody's fine chinese film
The eldest daughter Qing (Yao Chen)

Throughout the movie, what I can say the best part of the film was when Zhiguo (the Father) passed out and after opening his eyes, he saw his kids in their young versions. It was the best part for me because this is the part where the movie is being concluded and the questions clouding the main character’s mind were being answered. The script in this scene was good and I can say that this is the highlight of the movie.

Everything’s fine is actually a good film. It tackles about the common family issues and problems which gives the audience the lesson about the importance of family in everyone. So if I’m going to rate this movie, I would say that it deserves a 7/10 rating and was highly recommended for family audiences.

Image result for everybody's fine chinese film scene
Complete family picture of Guan Zhiguo (Zhang Guoli), Hao (Chen He), Qing (Yao Chen), Quan (Shawn Dou), Chu (Ye Qianyu) and Qing’s son from the last part of the movie

By: Ugaban


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