11th Spring Film Festival’s Chinese Art Exhibit

Chinese art is a kind of art that has to be elegant, fine, and beautiful, especially in painting. Chinese painting focuses on the lives of the people, the traditions, beliefs, and beauty of nature like any other forms of art in different parts of the world.

Image result
Zhang Daqian, a Chinese artist

I’ve seen it in the art exhibit in Shangri La for the 11th Spring Film Festival that happened from January 25-30.


Different artist showed their artworks and expressions in the canvas. Most of the paintings were about the roosters, this year’s Chinese zodiac. There are also paintings of flowers, woman, nature, landscapes and a peacock that shows the beauty of art in each strokes of brushes.

Every painting was beautiful but there’s one that caught my attention first, the painting of a woman exposing her back, entitled “The Greatest Gift” by Albert Hamabad K. Libre III. It shows the purity and essence of a traditional woman maintaining the natural elegance of her body.

The Greatest Gift by Albert Hamabad K. Libre III

The painting is very simple but also stunning. The black coloration of the painting brings the mysterious and seductive element of the image. Most of Libre’s artworks were chickens and rooster with calligraphy like style. Another good one is the “Mountain Retreat” by Necita R. Cheng, it shows the dramatic scenes of the China’s mountain ranges. The darkness of the artwork shows the melancholic but yet blissful life in the provinces.

Mountain Retreat by Necita Cheng

Her other artwork shown is the “Roses in Bloom”. Another artist is Joaquina T. So, I loved the coloration of her painting entitled “Hydrangea”, she managed to blend the colors red, blue and green. Another stunning artwork is the “Snow Village” By Neinei Hui Chun. It depicts the winter’s depressive and silent atmosphere. The first thing I felt when seeing Chun’s work is the feeling of oblivion inside me. Although I never experienced a winter I can

No automatic alt text available.
Snow Village by Neinei Hui Chun

feel the forlorn emotion of it. There are also “fan” arts by Cesar Cheng, the one I liked in his works is the “Reaching of the Red Moon”.


All of them were good but most of the painting got the right simplicity and beauty. I’m hoping next year that the exhibit will showcase more talents like this.

by Elton Ongjoco



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