11th Spring Fest Painting Exhibit

Aesthetic fills the air as Confucius Institute of Ateneo de Manila University present their works of art in the Chinese Painting at the Shangri-La Plaza.

This weeklong event in Shangri-La welcomes the Year of the Rooster by showing the Chinese culture in all its glory on its 11’Th Spring Festival. Artists showed their Chinese inspired paintings, most of the paintings include roosters as tribute to the year and others include nature and sights one might view in China. One painting entitled “Fight?” by Rosie Chan Fuentes which depicts two roosters eyeing each other, shows the minimalistic yet artistic traditional Chinese style of painting.

There are also a number of paintings of flowers and birds that are not roosters; this particular style of painting is called Bird-and-Flower Paintings. This painting style is an appreciation for the beauty of the birds and flowers, the paintings also carried a symbolic message as well.

Apart from the art exhibit, the Spring Festival also offered a taste of Chinese culture in Music, Film and in celebrating the New Year spirit.

By: Danganan


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