11th Spring Fest Music Fest

The Chinese have the earliest history of music tradition. This is evident from the discovery of their ancient instruments and musical pieces. From the Zhang Dynasty until today, the Chinese continue to express themselves through music.

The Chinese culture was continued by artists showing off their musical abilities in the Chinese Musical Concert at the Shangri-La Plaza last Monday. The musical started off with a performance from the Philippine Cultural College Glee Club, a group that was composed of women of different ages. This was followed by a solo number by Jhonvid Bangayan who sang three songs in Chinese then bewildered everyone when he sang “Ikaw”, which was popularized by Sharon Cuneta.

Afterwards, everyone’s attention got caught by a stunning performance by Albert Cedric Tan a blind pianist who played “Rondo alla turka” also known as Turkish march, a piece written by the Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The event was ended by the Sireins, a trio of women who sang modern Chinese songs, their voices filled the atrium with their harmonious and vibrant tones.

By: Danganan


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